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2016: NARS Satin lip pencils

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There is beauty in simplicity. The NARS Satin lip pencils are definitely what I’m looking for when it comes to simplicity. They come in 17 fabulous shades of high-impact, fashion-forward shades in a rich, creamy satin finish that stays on all day.

NARS officially launched their new Satin lip pencils last month, which were very exclusive and I am already obsessed with these on the go lip candies. The texture is dreamy, they apply effortlessly to the lips and the creamy texture when applied. It has decadent, rich color, full color coverage and only one even layer seems to cover everything.

The collection of colors is amazing, they are so pigmented and to be honest I want ALL of them BUT! So far, my LOVE IT! satin lip pencil is “Isola Bella”. The color has a coral base blended with warmer nude/brown tone. Isola Bella is such an everyday easy color to wear. The color settles on my lips perfectly and lasted all day long (promises 12-hour wear). My eye spy already have quite a few on my wish list! I’m not a big makeup person but I LOVE IT! and sharing finding news worthy products.


Love It! shines on ZELDA……

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Why should we LOVE sharing this phenomenal part of history, because this woman’s fashion passion & curve-hugging creations were worn & loved by a host of Hollywood’s biggest starlets, celebrity darlings, Playboy Bunnies and dainty ballerinas made her a LEGACY and I LOVE IT!!
Zelda Wynn Valdes was born on June 28, 1905  and passed away on September 26, 2001. She was an African-American fashion designer and costumer who opened & own the first shop on Broadway in New York City called “Chez Zelda” in 1948. It was the first in the area to be owned by an African-American. Some of her clients included other notable black women of her era, including Dorothy Dandridge and Marian Anderson, Josephine Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Joyce Bryant, Maria Cole, Edna Robinson, and Mae West.
She garnered the attention of Hugh Hefner who commissioned her to create the first ever Playboy Bunny costume. She is most famous for designing the iconic and original costumes for the Playboy Bunnies and the Dance Theater of Harlem.
In 1949, she became president of the New York chapter of NAFAD, the National Association of Fashion and Accessory Designers, an organization of Black designers founded by Mary McLeod Bethune. In 1970, Arthur Mitchell brought her on as head costume designer the newly established Dance Theater of Harlem.
“I just had a God-given talent for making people beautiful,” said Zelda Wynn Valdes during a 1994 interview with The New York Times. Zelda Wynn Valdes.
Zelda Wynn Valdes is an Entrepreneur, Business Woman, Designer, Creator, Artist and a FASHION LEGEND and I love that I know women like YOU! Good businesswoman who possesses positive qualities that help them propel to success…..I LOVE IT!
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Tiffany Smart Zip Wallet

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Oprah calls it “Financial Aid”, I call it “Smart Bliss”. I love the signature robin’s-egg blue. My favorite part of the whole masterpiece is the all-in-one feature that can carry a cell phone, money and credit cards. The natural grain leather feels soft. It has Tiffany Blue leather lining with one cell phone compartment, one center slip pocket and three slip pockets. The smart and fancy accessory is awesome for quick errands; the perfect companion in any bag! The color is bold so you can’t miss it when digging deep in your bag. I Love, Love, Love it! Shop here for smart zip http://www.tiffany.com/Shopping/Item.aspx?sku=GRP05763



Clarisonic Pro

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I’m about 2 months into my daily Clarisonic Pro usage & absolutely LOVE IT. Before seeking this incredible piece of machinery, I read a plethora of reviews, watched some review videos, and finally decided to give it a shot in the New Year. I was adamant about finding new ways to treat my skin and the Clarisonic was my first choice.

I have always had great skin, thanks to my mommy and papi but lately my skin was perpetually breaking out. I have combination skin, dry in parts and oily in other parts so it was very important to find the right product and cleansers. I have been using Neutrogena cleansers since college, which is a pretty long time, but I started needing more.  With the help of some fierce facials pioneer, Nikki Fraser of Beauty N’ The Bride and Wendy Pittman, I am now using my Clarisonic with Aveeno skin brightener cleanser that I love, and philosophy miracle worker

My first noticeable result was the smoothness of my face. I mean, it’s incredible. I couldn’t stop touching every part of it! Now the breakouts are less frequent, but I would still experience a blemish at least once a month. In a nutshell, I will continue to use my Clarisonic, why because I LOVE IT & now it has become a daily routine. 


I LOVE Being Mary Jane because I am……

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I had the honor and privilege of attending a private screening hosted by Debra Lee, of BET’s newest scripted show “Being Mary Jane,” which airs tonight July 2 at 10:30 p.m. as a 2-hour movie & I LOVE IT.

The show stars Gabrielle Union as Mary Jane Paul, the host of her own Atlanta-based TV show & my long time buddy, Aaron Spears who plays alongside Ms. Union as news anchorman & bestie, which I can relate too since I always look to him for advice in college. His role was a shocker but he’s always been an excellent actor and can morph into any role, given the challenge.

“I think Mary Jane is all of us, and I think it’s time for us to redefine who we are and not keep chasing what we have been told,” says Akil. “She’s not perfect, but I do believe she’s deserving of love. She’s deserving of the best, and I think that’s all of us.” I can totally agree with this excerpt from well known media publication by Mara. Everyone I had a discussion with after the screening had an existing connection. They all had a significant association with one of the many characters in the movie. Some cried, laughed, pondered and were screaming for more, more, more.

This movie is about YOU! As I watched the movie, I noticed that it covered almost every single controversy that Black women face from failed relationships, teenage pregnancy, ill parents, to media slurs, to colorism, to infidelity, to teenage pregnancy, to gay relationships and career issues is dealt with in the movie so don’t miss a beat.

photo 5I was tickled pink to finally meet Mara. She was was so REAL, down to earth and very approachable, I wanted to get inside her mind & share my life story as if she was a therapist.

I am one of Mara Brock Akil & Akil Productions number one fans (creators of girlfriends, the game, etc…) so I trust that this story line cultivates into a show and a character that emerges into something bigger that represents the everyday woman.

Don’t forget to watch, share the love & use hashtag provided below if you have something to say.

Twitter: @beingmaryjane
DC FAB: http://thefabempire.com/2013/06/17/recap-dc-screening-of-bets-being-mary-jane/
PHOTOS: http://www.revamp.com/story.php?StoryID=2506
BET DC: View DC interview here: http://www.bet.com/video/being-mary-jane/2013/exclusives/being-mary-jane-takes-on-dc.html

*Moderated by: Shawn Yancy of WTTG FOX 5,  artist, designer, fab soror, fashion bestie & owner of The Bangle

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I love, love, love to feature my favorite things from the yummiest treats, hottest shoes, adorable accessories, fabulous trends, essential any era inspired pieces, striking makeup looks, coolest garments to the latest & greatest gadgets. I am constantly trying new things and once I fall in love with something I swear by it. My friends are always coming to me asking for recommendations and I love getting recommendations from you as well. Everyone has their own personal taste and style and we all have our own favorite thing (s)… so I don’ mind sharing the love.

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